Comprehensive Dental Exams and X-Rays

We provide Full Mouth exam with 2 X-rays,
LASER check and Clinical Photos for $95 only

A dental exam includes visual examination, laser examination using DIAGNODENT, couple of bite wing x-rays, and clinical photos of your teeth.

Visual exam is done, to look for very obvious problems like color changes in your gums or dark areas on your teeth which could indicate incipient dental issues.

We are using the latest diagnostic tool called DIAGNODENT which detects cavities earlier than ever before. Because 80% of caries occur in the tiny biting crevices (chewing surface), cavities often remain undetected until they invade more tooth structure and create more serious problems. The DIAGNODENT is a reliable, non-invasive supplement to the contemporary dentist’s arsenal of diagnostic procedures and is highly effective in detecting decay at an early stage where teeth are most vulnerable.

We do digital x-rays to confirm cavities or any other issues in your mouth. The x-ray will quickly identify problems which are not visible to the naked eye. Digital x-rays use a very low dose of radiation which is generally not harmful to a healthy person. However, if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you should inform our dentist immediately. You should also tell our dentist if you are taking any medications.

Clinical Photos are taken to keep a record of your teeth. It helps us to compare the progress of your teeth during future recalls. Photos aid the dentist to explain any problems and recommend ways to handle the issues.

It concludes with a brief discussion with the dentist about your teeth and any of your concerns. A complete customised dental treatment plan based on priorty and budget would be discussed in detail.

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