A Dental Veneer is a thin laminate of material placed over a tooth for multiple reasons. It could be done either to enhance the aesthtics (Discolored Tooth) or to restore broken/chipped teeth. It can be done by using either composite or porcelain invloving direct (built-up in the mouth) or indirect (buit-up in the lab by Technician) placement.

Composite veneers been the direct way of placement, can be done in a single visit with minimal/no preparation of the tooth. Benefits of composite veneers include:
Porcelain Veneers involve two visits as the tooth has to prepared and then the impression has to be sent to the dental laboratory for its fabrication. Once it is received then it is later bonded to the tooth.

Well! This dental powerhouse works wonders: closing gaps, lightening colour and properly aligning a smile.

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